1. Tap ‘Traveller’ on the MySejahtera home page.  

  1. Tap on ‘Travel for (Your Name)’ to fill up the pre-departure form. Click the name of  

your dependent.  

  1. Fill in all the trip details correctly and tap submit.  

  1. Upon successful submission of your pre-departure form, you will receive an appropriate  

travellers card according to your traveller status.  

Additional: How to submit pre-departure COVID-19 screening test result (if applicable).  

  1. Please tap the link on the Travellers Card to upload your pre-departure test result within two days before departure.  

  1. Tap ‘Update for (Your Name)’ to upload your test result.  

  1. Fill in all the details correctly and upload the proof of your test result. You will also need to  

bring along a physical copy of your result.  

  1. The link on your Travellers Card will turn green after a successful upload of your test result.