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MySejahtera Application (hereinafter referred to as "App") is an application which was originally developed to assist the Government in managing the COVID-19 outbreak in Malaysia by among others, allowing the App users to perform a self-health assessment, monitor health status and share the information with the Ministry of Health (MOH) so necessary actions could be implemented.

The App is owned and operated by the Government of Malaysia. As the country transits from pandemic phase into endemic phase, MySejahtera is evolving from a tool designed specifically to combat COVID-19 pandemic to a public health application. As such, we have improvised our terms and conditions and privacy policies of MySejahtera to fit this purpose.

When you login to the App, you can securely:

  • View COVID-19 risk status and latest swab done for you and your dependent account
  • View and download COVID-19 vaccination certificate for you and your dependent
  • Report COVID-19 Self-Test Result for you and your dependent’s account
  • Receive booking appointment for COVID-19 vaccination appointment
  • Fill in Pre-Departure Form for Travellers abroad and view your Traveller card
  • View your child’s vaccination certificate in the National Immunization Programme
  • View your health screening record done
  • Track number of Infectious Diseases around you
  • Locate Healthcare Facilities around you
  • Receive latest health and wellness news updates
  • Receive push notifications regarding health alert
Use and Collection of Personal Data
Data collected by the App is governed and subjected to Prevention and Control of Infectious Disease Act (Act 1998) and The Medical Act 1971 (Act 50). Although not applicable, the management of the data in the App is compliant to Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission Act 1998 (MCMC) standards. The Personal Data collected will not be used for any purpose other than stated.
How Your Data is Being Used
Your personal data is only used for COVID-19-related issues, public health purposes and for utilization of MOH Services. Generally, MySejahtera may collect, use and/or disclose your personal data for but not limited to the following purposes listed below. You are deemed to have consented to the use of your data when you download, update or use the different features of the App (Module). MySejahtera reserves the right to delete, modify, enhance or introduce new Modules to the App based on the need and requirement in managing the cases of Ministry of Health services at the given time.
Your collected data is for the following purpose:
  1. To see the number of reported infectious diseases over a set number of days within a set amount of radius of your current location according to the infectious diseases including COVID-19, Dengue, Rabies, Measles, Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease (HFMD) and Tuberculosis and to manage accordingly.
  2. To inform travellers travelling from countries which are endemic in Monkeypox to visit the nearest healthcare facilities for proper assessment by medical officer and further management if the develop symptoms of monkeypox or are close contact of monkeypox.
  3. To book appointments for COVID-19 Vaccination. You will only receive appointments for COVID-19 Vaccination after you have given the consent for it. Date of Birth will be required to determine your age to differentiate between adult and children.
  4. To store your dependent's information and allow access to MySejahtera modules.
  5. To store your COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates details digitally and to generate the certificates in QR code and PDF format.
  6. To store information of vaccines in National Immunisation Program and other vaccines digitally. 
  7. To report the result of professional COVID-19 tests performed in other health facilities in the case of the result of the professional COVID-19 test taken is not yet reflected in MySejahtera.
  8. To display the last negative professional test results taken after the details of the professional test results is stored in Sistem Informasi Makmal Kesihatan Awam (SIMKA). Positive test results will not be shown to protect user's privacy.
  9. To assess and monitor your current health condition if you are a confirmed case of infectious disease.
  10. To assess and monitor your health condition via Home Assessment Tool if you are a confirmed COVID-19 positive case.
  11. You will be alerted via phone call in case your illness condition deteriorates and require a proper health assessment by a medical officer (MO) or you didn't answer the health assessment tool.
  12. MySejahtera Trace detects the close contacts and manage the close contacts accordingly in case you are a confirmed COVID-19 case by assessing the distance and duration between devices using Bluetooth Low Energy (LE). The interaction data will only be uploaded to the server after receiving user's permission via OTP verification. User's personal details will not be exposed to any close contacts. The Interaction data collected by MySejahtera Trace via bluetooth will be purged after 14 days.
  13. To ensure the compliance to all Movement Control Order (MCO) rules and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) issued under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988.
  14. To carry out evaluation or similar research and analysis for MOH operational strategy and policy planning purposes, including border restriction, providing data to authorized external parties for any purposes to review, develop and improve the quality of healthcare products and services.
  15. To carry out a survey conducted by National Institute of Health (NIH) to study the impact of COVID-19 to the confirmed cases in various aspects after a set amount of time.
  16. For facilitating your use of our online and mobile services such as the healthcare management programmes and/or the transactional e-services like vaccination/hospital appointments. For facilitating your use of our online and mobile services such as the healthcare management programmes and/or the transactional e-services like vaccination/hospital appointments.
  17. For integration onto healthcare computer systems and applications operated or managed by the MOH to provide you with the healthcare services (including medical, dental, health-screening and immunization services) and any programmes related to promotion of good health and healthy lifestyles.
  18. To allow data sharing among government healthcare facilities for patient management purpose.

Data Collected

This application collects data with the consent of the user and is done voluntarily through, but not limited to, registration process, adding dependent information, answering health assessments questionnaires, and contacting app support via email or technical support form.


The Personal Data collected during MySejahtera account creation or Dependent Registration are as followed.

Permission Summary
The permission to have access to the following applications/functions below are required for the best experience of using MySejahtera. You are deemed to have given permission when you click on the “Allow” button in the Application.

Complications for Incorrect or Incomplete Personal Information
The App may when and where relevant or necessary, may require you to fill in your personal and health related information. The App shall not be responsible for any incorrect or insufficient data that you have provided, or the consequences of such data being uploaded on the App.
You shall be responsible to ensure that the personal data the App collects, use or disclose is accurate, complete and up to date to produce accurate insights, which will ultimately lead to the right action. You are obliged to provide relevant and accurate personal information to MySejahtera and in accordance with the current laws in Malaysia.
In the event that the Personal Data you provided is incorrect, insufficient or unsatisfactory, your user experience of MySejahtera and/or any related modules might not be seamless, and you may face technical difficulty in utilizing MySejahtera.  This may also result in your requests for assistance be rejected at the App’s Helpdesk; or action taken or use of the services offered by the App may be rejected or affected. You may also be subjected to punishment under the relevant Malaysian laws
Data and Confidentiality
Personal Data collected by the App will be kept confidential in accordance with this Privacy Policy and any applicable laws which may take effect from time to time.

Data Storage and Sharing
Data in transit are encrypted, while data at rest is stored in a highly secured environment. Your dependent(s) and/or your personal information will not be shared with other agencies unless it is used for Ministry of Health services
Anonymised Data
This App collects anonymised data about your device and operating system (OS) to help us improve the App and provide a better user experience. Please always keep in mind to update your system OS and also MySejahtera application.
Your Right
You have the right to:
  • Know how your data is being collected and used
  • For what purpose your data is used
  • Make correction to your personal data information via MySejahtera Helpdesk
  • Withdraw your consent for the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data at any time
  • Choose to share data for study/research purpose 
Contact Us
If you have any question or feedback relating to your personal data and our Privacy Policy, would like to withdraw your consent for the collection, use and disclosure or your personal data or would like to make corrections to your personal data records, please contact us via email at
Disclaimer Notice
You will not have access to your MySejahtera Application unless you have agreed to this privacy policy. By accessing and using any part of these new features of MySejahtera, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this privacy policy and agree to allow your data collected for COVID-19 to be repurposed for public health.
Changes to the Privacy Policy
The terms of our privacy policy may change from time to time. If there are any significant changes to our privacy policy or terms of use, you will be informed via your MySejahtera application. 


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